Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Yes To Carrots, Maybe To Tomatoes

I've really been loving the Yes To Carrots brand lately. There are so many different little "food groups" within the brand - Yes To Tomatoes, Yes To Cucumbers, and Yes To Blueberries. I feel like they should just call themselves, Yes To [insert name of fruit or vegetable here]. Haha

The lip butters are definitely a keeper (berry is my favorite!) and the eye and face makeup remover is a possible contender for first place in my heart. What?! Something better than the MAC Cleanse Off Oil? We'll see, but for now I will just say that I like it a lot. (:

Oh, oh! The Yes To Cucumbers facial towelettes are also quite lovely as well. The best I've tried so far, and I've tried every kind of wipe out there. They leave a cool, tingly feeling on your skin and are very soothing. Two thumbs up for sure!

Now for the climax of this post - the Yes To Tomatoes Trouble-Free Facial Wash. I decided to pick this up at Target for $9.99 because it's affordable and promises to leave oily skin perfectly balanced while keeping blemishes away at the same time. Yeah yeah, we've all heard that one before!

Plus, it's paraben free, mostly natural, and contains tomatoes (obviously!), watermelon, rosemary, and dead sea minerals. That's all fine and dandy, but does it work?

Yes. I've been using this facial wash for a good six weeks now and I can confidently say it works. It does a fantastic job at controlling the oils on my face without completely stripping every last drop of moisture from my skin.

My skin loves this stuff...but my nose doesn't.

The issue I have with this product is the scent. For something that is 99.6% natural, where on earth is the awful perfume-y fragrance coming from? Maybe it's packed into that remaining 0.4% - who knows. I'm sure it's listed somewhere in the ingredients, but at this point I really don't care because knowing what it is won't make it smell any better. I'm someone who is very sensitive to scents, especially with skincare and makeup products. I don't like things with heavy fragrances because they give me a headache and irritate my skin. This face wash is probably the stinkiest I've ever used by far. Yes, stinkier than Proactiv and the Clinique Acne Solutions system - combined! It's just bad, bad, BAD.

This is where I'm torn though, because the results are so good, good, GOOD. Surprisingly, the fragrance hasn't irritated anything aside from my nose. No redness, bumps, etc. Also, the scent fades after a few hours - especially if I'm wearing makeup. I swear it stays imbedded in my hands all day though. Yuck!

I'm really not sure where I stand on this product and whether I should continue to use it or just drop it completely. What do all of you think? What would you do?

P.S. All products within the Yes To Carrots brand can be found at numerous drugstores and Target. You can click HERE for a complete list.